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Ningbo Chem-plus New Material Tec. Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. It is a technologically innovative company with independent research and development capabilities, self-support import and export rights and a professional service team. It mainly produces and sells fine chemicals such as paper chemicals, C6 oil repellent, and fluorine-free oil repellent. Chem-plus has multiple production bases in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian and South Korea. While realizing product diversification, it can precisely adjust the formula to make the products more suitable according to customer requirements .



  • 09 2023
    Chem-Plus:Dedicated to Researching Stable and Oil-Resistant Pulp Molding

    With the implementation of the"New Plastic Limitation Order",the demand for environmentally-friendly packaging has been steadily increasing.Paper pulp molding, as a recyclable and eco-friendly material, is experiencing a growing demand. The diversity of dietary habits has given rise to various packaging needs, with a particular emphasis on the oil-resistant properties of paper pulp molding.

  • 08 2023
    Four Major Predictions for Sustainable Packaging in 2023

    Grain box liners, paper bottles, protective e-commerce packaging... The biggest trend is the "paperization" of consumer packaging. In other words, plastics are being replaced by paper, mainly because consumers perceive paper to have advantages in terms ofrenewability and recyclabilitycompared to polyolefins and PET.

  • 07 2023
    Embracing Nature The Eco-Friendly Materials Behind Wasara Tableware

    Wasara, a disposable tableware brand, was co-founded by Shinichiro Ogata and Chizo Tanabe in 2008. When the latter was preparing for an event for a Japanese packaging group, he found it difficult to find paper tableware with a distinctive style in the market. Therefore, he collaborated with Ogata Shin to launch environmentally friendly and disposable tableware named Wasara. The design pays attention to lines, making the disposable tableware look as elegant as ceramics, which was the original intention of the product design.