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PFAS Free Tablewares

Fluorine-free oil repellent is the future of pulp molding products’ production. More and more end buyers ask for PFAS FREE molded pulp products, especially tablewares. Current Fluorine-free oil repellent can meet some needs but still have the space to develop and study.

NBCP’s C6 oil repellent includes 3 components, can enable the finished products with superior oil & water repellency by internal sizing. No need to add other AKD or Water Proof Agent, allowing for highly efficient application. It is unsurpassed in quality and performance.

For Pulp molding products manufacturer, NBCP’s Fluorine-free oil repellent offers many advantages. For example, they are:

●Wider oil proofing temp. Range: 5 - 55 ℃ (stable for mass production)
●Excellent performance at low temp. Range: 5 -20 ℃
●Oil proof time is longer, 1.5 times than others.
●PFAS Free, without Fluorine
●Recyclable, repulpable and compostable
●Oil temp. Range 5 - 75 ℃ is coming soon.

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