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Oil Proofing Agent Supplier: Where to Find the Best?

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As of February 2024, major manufacturers of paper oil repellents have ceased production and sales of fluorine-containing paper oil repellent products, signaling the exit of fluorinated chemical products from the paper oil repellent market. At this juncture, this article aims to review the history of oil repellent products produced by major companies, serving as a reference for the future market.


Early Techniques for Oil Resistance:

Grease-proof paper was invented as early as 1896, as regular paper alone cannot resist oil. To achieve oil resistance, various techniques are typically employed. This includes heavy calendering to increase paper density and applying a layer of wax (stearic acid) on the paper surface. Sometimes, sulfuric acid treatment is also used to prevent oil penetration. However, these methods are not entirely effective, as oil can still seep through.

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3M's Pioneering Use of Fluorinated Chemicals:

3M Corporation is the pioneer of fluorinated paper oil repellents.As early as the 1980s, 3M developed and introduced paper oil repellent treatments to the market, based on a completely different technological principle. Leveraging the properties of fluorine to reduce surface tension, these treatments lowered the surface tension of paper to around 20, imparting oil resistance to the paper. Additionally, their surface tension-based testing method, the Test Kit, became a standard for the American Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI).

Before 2000, 3M Corporation dominated the oil repellent paper market with over 80% market share. They offered a variety of product models, including FC-805, FC-807, FC-809, FC-845, FC-850, FC-886, among others. However, around the year 2000, due to concerns over perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) generated in the electrochemical fluorination (ECF) process, 3M proactively withdrew from the market.


Competition and Innovation:

Unlike 3M Corporation's ECF process, fluorinated chemical companies like Dupont primarily use the telomerization process, which does not generate the intermediate product PFOS. Consequently, the market entered a period of intense competition among various players. Dupont introduced itsoil-resistant product models, including Zonyl™ NF, Zonyl™ 8868, Zonyl™ 9464, among others.


Atofina, a French company, introduced the Grease-repellent products Forapele™ 321 and Forapele™ 325, which gained significant reputation in the market. Particularly, F-321, a star product in the Chinese pulp molding industry, laid the foundation for the development and industry standards of the paper molding sector. The product played a pivotal role in shaping the industry standards referenced in GB18006.1-1999 for disposable biodegradable tableware, particularly the heat-resistant oil standard.


The early development of the paper-plastic packaging industry was primarily driven by the phasing out of white foam plastics in the railway sector. These products gained momentum with substantial exports to markets such as the United States, Japan, and Australia. Major events like the Aichi Expo in Japan and the 2000 Olympic Games in Australia played a catalytic role in promoting the development of the paper-plastic industry.


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Transition to C6 Products:

Due to market forces, especially concerns and related litigation regarding PFOA, companies are transitioning from first-generation C8 products to carbon-six products. DuPont has also introduced a new generation of C6 products, such as Capstone™ P-620 and P-623, which have significantly reduced performance compared to carbon-eight products. The market response has not been ideal, primarily because, due to the impact of the perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) incident, DuPont has gradually exited the paper Grease-repellent solutions market.


Traditional paper specialty chemical companies are also not staying idle. They have successively launched Advanced oil-repellent products. Ciba-Geigy, as a giant in the paper specialty chemical industry, has introduced products such as Lodyne P-201, P-208E, P-504, 514, Lodyne-2000, 2010, and 2020, and has also secured a place in the pulp molding market. Lodyne-2020 is an excellent product, with the highest fluorine efficiency among all products, meaning it achieves maximum oil repellency with the least amount of fluorine elements used.


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Emergence of Japanese Companies:

The Japanese fluorine chemical company Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. (AGC) has also introduced oil repellent agents, including models such as AG-530, AG-550, and later models like AGE-060 and AGE-860.

Another Japanese fluorine chemical company, Daikin Industries, Ltd., has also introduced Oil-resistant agent models, including TG-410, TG-810, and later models like TG-8811 and TG-8111. The products from these two Japanese companies, especiallyC6 products, have rapidly filled the market gap left by European and American companies such as DuPont gradually exiting the market.


This article provides a summary of the products of these companies, as well as a retrospective of an era.Whenever encountering products from these globally renowned companies, I also conducted some research out of curiosity. Since these products have all applied for FDA approval, their chemical structures can be understood from publicly available data. Faced with the intricate chemical designs developed by these companies, one cannot help but sincerely admire and respect the ingenious chemical concepts of scientists. Perhaps this is the most direct example of how technology changes lives.


Future Prospects and Innovation:

As we face the window of time for the phase-out of fluorine-containing oil repellents, how new products address and fill the needs of this market is also an ongoing effort by various chemical companies. Ningbo Chem-plus New Material Fluorine-free oil repellent product has gained market recognition since its launch. It is fluorine-free, meets performance standards, and is easy to use. We hope to work together with colleagues in the industry to promote market development.

In conclusion, I would like to borrow a quote from the inventor of the automobile, Carl Benz:

"The process of invention itself is a thousand times more wonderful than the invention result."

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