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Application Scenarios of Molded Pulp Products

Time : 2022-12-15 Hits : 63

    As a new green environmental protection product, the application value of molded pulp products has been more and more fully demonstrated.According to the use scenarios of molded pulp products, it can be divided into four major uses: industrial packaging, agricultural packaging, food packaging and medical product packaging. packaging

    Pulp molding tableware refers to the tableware made of pulp throughshaping, molding, drying and other processes, mainly including molded paper cups, molded paper bowls, molded paper plates and so on.Pulp molding tableware is the main substitute product of disposable plastic tableware.


2.industrial packaging

    Industrial packaging product are gradually used in communications equipment, computer accessories, ceramics, glass, instrumentation, toys, lighting, handicrafts and other products lined with shockproof packaging.


3.agricultural packaging

    Molded pulp products are most commonly used in the agricultural products industry, and the most common is the egg tray.


    Gradually, fruit and vegetable paper trays also became popular.With the development of the industry, compostable pulp molded fiber pots are becoming more and more popular with gardeners.


4.medical product packaging

    The biggest problem in the use of traditional medical instruments is that cross infection is easy to occur due to incomplete disinfection. If disposable molded pulp trays, bedpans, splints and so on are used instead, not only the disinfection link can be avoided and labor can be saved, but also the waste can be directly burned without toxic side effects.


5.The field of innovation

    In addition to the above uses, molded pulp products also have special beautification functions, such as cultural and creative products, handicrafts and so on. It will also be of great use in clothing, furniture and other industries.



Promotion prospects

    As a new product of environmental protection, molded pulp products are gradually stepping into the mature period of product life curve.With the improvement of people's living standards and the enhancement of environmental awareness, as well as the continuous improvement and upgrading of the technology of molded pulp products, the application scenarios of molded pulp products will be more and more extensive, and will play a greater role in the global environmental protection and plastic ban.