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Chem-Plus at The 19th International Pulp Paper Industry Expo-China

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From May 28th to 30th, 2024, The 19th International Pulp Paper Industry concluded successfully at Pazhou Poly World Trade Expo, Guangzhou, China. This exhibition is the leading trade show in the domestic and international pulp paper industry, specifically targeting the pulp paper product market. Leading pulp paper industry representatives from various countries gathered here.

1 surface sizing chemicals for paper

Chem-plus professional team is also well prepared, ready to give many pulp paper product traders a little "China Shock" at the international trade paper exhibition where many big names gather! This time, we not only brought many superior products, but also showcased the latest technology and superior presentation effects of our oil-proof agents in the field of pulp paper industry.

2 paper coating

These products are not only environmentally friendly and sustainable, but also have new breakthroughs in performance and appearance. In addition, the display of oil repellent technology also attracted the attention of many visitors. Its excellentoil resistance performance provides new possibilities for the application of pulp paper products. The unique Chem-plus core pulp paper formula technology and the enthusiastic explanation of the team members attracted many foreign businessmen to come to watch and consult. After the careful explanation and technical introduction by Chem-plus professional team members, many customers were very satisfied and reached purchase intentions on the spot.

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The 19th International Pulp Paper Industry Exhibition provides an excellent communication and exhibition platform for industry professionals, showcasing the charm of the latest technology in the pulp paper industry to the general public. This not only strengthens the connection and communication within the industry, but also increases the public's awareness of pulp paper products and environmental protection technologies.

Chem-plus thanks for our recent successful participation in The 19th International Pulp Paper Industry Expo-China. We are grateful for the support of our partners and customers, and we welcome the opportunity to showcase our advanced technologies and innovative solutions in pulp paper industry.

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Looking to the future, we expect the International Pulp Paper Industry Exhibition to continue to play its important role and bring more innovation and development opportunities to the industry. Chem-plus is proud to be a part of such a innovative and dynamic industry and we remain committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services. Thank you for your continued support! Let us look forward to the next exhibition, and witness the latest technology in the pulp paper industry again! Stay tuned, Chem-plus will continue to bring you various surprises!