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Chem-Plus:Dedicated to Researhing Stabcle and Oil-Resistant Pulp Molding

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With the implementation of the"New Plastic Limitation Order",the demand for environmentally-friendly packaging has been steadily increasing.Paper pulp molding, as a recyclable and eco-friendly material, is experiencing a growing demand. The diversity of dietary habits has given rise to various packaging needs, with a particular emphasis on the oil-resistant properties of paper pulp molding.


Ningbo Chem-Plus New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Chem-Plus is a global leading provider of advanced papermaking and fine chemical technology solutions, focusing on the field of fine chemical papermaking. We are committed to continuous innovation and steady operation, delivering competitive solutions, products, and services to our corporate clients.


The company boasts a team of highly qualified, skilled, and technically proficient management and scientific talents. We have established a specialized technical team led by experienced Ph.D. experts in the field of applied chemistry, including one doctoral researcher from South Korea. Together, we have established an advanced research laboratory. The company is dedicated to precision, pragmatism, innovation, and efficiency, with a mission to "serve the industry and contribute to society."


The company integrates technology research and development with technical services, offering a range of products including rheological agents, masking and improvement agents, bio-latex, homemade starch latex modifiers,high-performance waterproof agents, inorganic fibers,environmentally-friendly wet strength agents,dry strength agents,internal sizing agents for pulp, corrugated paper-specific starch-based adhesives, drying cylinder release agents, thermal-sensitive sensitizing additives (high-temperature type, low-temperature type), large-particle hollow spheres, thermal-sensitive lubricants (anionic, nonionic), LEP-specialized coating agents, fluorine-free waterborne insulating coatings, fluorine-containing internal anti-oil agents, and fluorine-free internal anti-oil agents, among others. The products have been tested and certified by internationally renowned testing organizations such as SGS.


JH-350N C6 Oil Repellent

From 2014 to 2019, a highly skilled and cutting-edge research and development team led by Dr. Shengyu Qian, representing multiple doctoral talents, developed a food-grade oil repellent. This product is applied in the pulp molding industry, providing exceptional oil-repellent performance for pulp molded products.

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Product Highlights:

Competitive Pricing

Excellent overall value for money.

Product Advantages

Low additive content, all products are certified and free from chemicals such as PFOA and PFOS.

Service Advantages

Our research and development team can customize oil repellents to suit the water quality of your region and provide relevant technical advice to clients.



Fluorine-Free Oil-Repellent Additive

This product holds a leading position in the industry. The company has been specializing in the field of paper and fine chemicals for over a decade. The multi-component oil-repellent formula can achieve stable oil-repellent effects at temperatures ranging from 20 to 70°C. The technology is mature, and the current product thickness can reach 0.5-0.6mm. As a result, the company has received invitations from multiple clients for technical exchanges

Product Highlights:

Distinguishing itself from other competitors in the market that can only withstand certain temperatures, this product maintains stable oil resistance within the temperature range of 20-70°C.

Designed for regular thickness (0.5-0.7mm).

The solution can be customized based on specific requirements, allowing for superior results. Moreover, the product offers ample room for iteration and efficiency, enabling rapid improvements in response to market demands.