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Embracing Nature The Eco-Friendly Materials Behind Wasara Tableware

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Wasara Disposable Pulp Molded Tableware

Wasara, a disposable tableware brand, was co-founded by Shinichiro Ogata and Chizo Tanabe in 2008. When the latter was preparing for an event for a Japanese packaging group, he found it difficult to find paper tableware with a distinctive style in the market. Therefore, he collaborated with Ogata Shin to launch environmentally friendly and disposable tableware named Wasara. The design pays attention to lines, making the disposable tableware look as elegant as ceramics, which was the original intention of the product design.


Wasara disposable tableware was created by Ms. Chizo Tanabe and Shinichiro Ogata. Its environmentally friendly paper tableware is beautiful in shape, and it advocates that all things obtained from nature can be simply degraded and returned to nature, Earth to Earth.


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Japanese Aesthetics in Disposable Tableware

Wasara pays great attention to the design of lines, ensuring that their disposable tableware looks as elegant as ceramics, which is the original intention of their product design. These seemingly simple and casual lines are carefully crafted to fit the human hand's holding posture.


They offer more than 10 types of tableware, mainly Japanese-style, including round plates, square plates, long plates for sushi, and triangular plates with compartments for wasabi. Additionally, they have coffee cups with wavy patterns pressed by fingers, as well as paper plates available in different sizes.


Wasara's products are not only beautiful and playful but also environmentally friendly. They seamlessly blend into both formal and informal occasions, exuding a sense of sophistication.

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Wasara Disposable Tableware Selection

Wasara is made from non-wood materials that are not harmful to the ecology: native reeds, bamboo pulp and sugar residue. The advantages of these materials are that they are rich in resources, sustainable in use, and easy to biodegrade. At the same time, the unique plant fiber can ensure the shape of the tableware, and it will not be easily deformed after containing food.


It is a common practice in Japan to choose the most suitable tableware for different dishes. In the world's food culture, Japan is one of the countries that attaches great importance to the choice of tableware. Different plates have specific functions. Wasara presents a different Japanese culture while giving freedom for individual functional use.


WASARA feels that if many carefully prepared foods are served on common paper plates for convenience, it may not be enough to highlight those carefully prepared foods, and even become an imperfect appearance in those carefully arranged occasions. After all In addition to the meat and vegetables in front of you, the stage where these foods are served is also very important.


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Chem-Plus Fluorine Free Oil Resistant Agent

Disposable paper tableware, such Wasara Disposable Pulp Molded Tableware, plays a significant role in our fast-paced and convenience-oriented lifestyle. However, concerns regarding their environmental impact have risen in recent years. To address this issue, the application of fluorine-free oil resistant agent on paper tableware has emerged as a crucial solution.


The significance of using fluorine-free oil resistant agent on disposable paper tableware cannot be overstated. Not only does it promote environmental friendliness and biodegradability, but it also aligns with sustainable production practices and safeguards the health and safety of consumers. By embracing this innovation, we can reduce the negative environmental impact of disposable paper tableware and pave the way for a more responsible and sustainable approach to single-use products. Let us collectively prioritize the adoption of fluorine-free oil resistant agent and make a positive impact on the health of our planet.