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Sustainable Packaging Consumer Report 2022

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Shorr Packaging has released its Sustainable Packaging Consumer Report 2022, which shows that 86% of consumers are more likely to buy a brand with sustainable packaging.

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Consumer Demand for Sustainable Packaging

The survey found that sustainability was a focus for consumers and even influenced their purchasing decisions-47% of consumers surveyed said they would pay more for sustainably packaged products.

In fact, 59% said they consciously chose products simply because of their eco-friendly packaging, such as reusable, compostable, recyclable and edible packaging.

A third of consumers say they actually avoid buying a product because it's not labeled "sustainable" on the packaging; 77% of respondents expect more brands to offer 100% sustainable packaging in the near future. Therefore, brands in all industries should be ready to respond to this demand, otherwise they will miss the opportunity.

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The leading industry in encouraging sustainably packaged products is the food and beverage industry, with 59% of consumers recognizing their efforts. On the contrary, 29% of people think that there are many things it can and should do.

Sustainable packaging should be a top priority for brands and retailers right now, noted 50% of respondents. 26% believe they know the sustainability initiatives of their favorite brands.

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Consumer Preferences and Concerns

In the past year, 76% of consumers have consciously purchased more sustainable products. 64% say sustainable packaging is an important factor in their current product selection process. Demographically, people aged 18-29 (69%) are more likely to focus on sustainability when buying products.

Sustainable Packaging's Impact on Brand Loyalty

Sixty-eight percent of consumers surveyed are willing to switch from one loyal brand to another that offers sustainable packaging. Eighty-nine percent of respondents said that recyclability is very important. 47% would notice if sustainability was indicated on the packaging, and 69% would be more likely to buy a product with clear language/symbols to reinforce sustainability claims.26% and 36% of consumers are "extremely" and "very" concerned about the impact of packaging on the environment.

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Conclusion: Meeting Consumer Demand for Sustainable Packaging

At present, consumers' demand for sustainable packaging is clear, and most consumers consciously choose products with clear sustainable packaging labels.

Younger consumers, a key buying demographic, are more likely to buy competing brands because they offer sustainable packaging, the survey found. Despite recent price increases for some consumer products, nearly half of consumers surveyed claimed to be willing to pay more for products that offer sustainable packaging.